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Amino Acid and Proteins

When it comes to DNA and the living cell, it is obvious that there is no conscious recipient of the message in this molecule. However, the specific arrangement of nucleotides determines some very precise effects in the cell. The triplet code communicates the language of protein composition which the cellular machinery carries out. Just as intelligent activity leads to human languages, so intelligent activity was needed to invent the DNA code and to program the information content (the message) into the DNA.

Correspondence between DNA nucleotide triplets and amino acids does not come from a chance event but from intentional planning by God.  This takes the form of tRNA. The remarkable ability of the tRNA to attach the correct amino acid (matching the universal triplet code) to its end carrier, is nothing short of amazing. The tRNA has no actual connection to either the DNA or mRNA which carry the recipe for the order to amino acids making up a protein. But the design features of the tRNA make it happen.

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