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Impact of WorldviewsDesignCell BiologyInvestigate Further

Impact of Worldviews


The Bible tells us that God created all things in the space of six days. We therefore study God’s handiwork when we study nature. We expect to see therein the choices that God made in the creation. As Kurt Wise declared: “The universe can be seen as God’s work of art, so that studying the physical creation can allow a better understanding of God, and studying God can lead to a better understanding of the physical creation.” [Faith, Form and Time. 2002. p. 8]

As far as the Christian is concerned therefore, nature follows the rules that God has established in the universe. Because God is consistent, and not capricious, nature is worth studying. We can count on the creation demonstrating the same phenomena and processes every time we examine them. Thus it is a pleasure to study what God has made, and to see reflected therein God’s work and character and glory.