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Impact of Worldviews

Origin of Life Studies: Abiogenesis

These studies are based on the idea that scientists will be able to discover a chemical process which originally led to the spontaneous appearance of life in nature billions of years ago.

The first thing needed for such a scenario is a polymer (very long molecule) which contains information and which can duplicate itself (i.e. RNA World theories). As per the discussion of chirality, we know that scientists cannot even synthesize suitable starting molecules for assembling living cells.  With the poor results from origin of life research, you would think that scientists might be inspired to consider a creation event.

For those who find organic chemistry to their liking, there is a great 13-part video series by world class synthetic chemist James Tour who shows how bankrupt are chemical origin of life theories.  On YouTube James Tour Abiogenesis has posted links (13 separate links) to these presentations.

For those who desire something shorter and more entertaining:

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